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In our attempts to keep up with everything that happens in the woodworking industry as well as to promote our products, we try to take part in as many national and international events as possible. We are often present at fairs, where we invite all those interested in the special offers prepared by our company for the visitors of our booth.

In May 2015 we attended the Ligna Hannover international fair, where we had access to the latest trends in the international field. We also launched our latest product on the external market, Metablade, which will hopefully become your no.1 choice in the future.

Moreover, we enjoyed being involved in the Made in Satu Mare exhibition, which took place in our nearby area . It was a very interesting event which gathered all the companies based in this county.

In September 2015 de had the pleasure of having a booth at 2 events, the first being Sopron - innoLignum (3rd to 5th September), a forestry and wood industry exhibition that takes place every year, where the organizers award prizes to the most innovative firms. Still in September, Romania was proud to organize the International Fair of Furniture, Equipment and Accessories, BIFE - SIM 2015, in Bucharest (19th to 23rd September).  With over 23,000 visitors, this event represents an unique marketing tool for promoting your business.

We will keep you updated about future events such as these and we invite you to visit our booth in order to gain access to the special offers we have prepared for you!



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