Facing and Tensioning Machines

Iseli Type RZ1

planat tensionat rz1Fully automatic CNC controlled levelling- & tensioning center with the newest software updates.

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Blade width from 70 la 210 mm with sensor girder
Blade thickness from 0,8 la 2,0 mm
Blade length from 5000- 8000 mm or from 7000 la 14000 mm
Working speed 15 m/ min
Connected load 4,2 kW 6 Amp.
Compr. air supply 6 bars

Iseli Type Mecomat 391

planat tensionat 391The MECOMAT is a heavy duty machine designed to guarantee a vibration-free operation.

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Electric supply 400 Volts 3 phase  50 cycle
Amp. load 6 amp
Air pressure required 5 bars
Normal air pressure 2,5 –3 bars
Blade speed 10 m/min
Blade width 50-300 mm
Blade thickness 0,8- 2,0 mm
Blade length 5800-14000 mm
Net weight of the machine 600 kg


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