Iseli type Mecomat 391

MECOMAT 391 is an automatic levelling machine for wood band saw blades.

The MECOMAT is a heavy duty machine designed to guarantee a vibration-free operation. The complete levelling head mechanism is uniquely guided by heavy duty, self lubricated bearings, mounted on twin tempered linear shafts. The rigid head mechanism when fully extended maintains an accuracy of .001” while levelling band saw blades.

The precision measuring unit is firmly mounted on two tempered shafts with precision bearings insuring accurate tolerances. A specially designed encoder assures extremely accurate automatic band saw blade levelling.

Band saw blades “hills and valleys” are detected by the MECOMAT”s computerized encoder which immediately signals into action two strategically located upper and lower convex and concave levelling rolls that quickly and accurately level the band saw blade. It’s all automatic! The larger the “Hill or Valley” the MECOMAT automatically compensates it’s levelling roll pressure to do the job.

The well arranged operating system allows the MECOMAT to be simply operated. Just input your desired data:
- Tolerance desired
- Blade length
- Estimated number of passes needed to level the band saw blade and you are ready to start the machine into motion.

The MECOMAT offers individual settings to compensate for band saw blade gauges. The uniquely designed electronic system remembers previous blade settings to insure fast future set-ups. This rugged, easy to operate, accurate Automatic Band Saw Levelling Machine will quickly pay for itself in your filing room.

It’s a proven time saver and it extends band saw blade life.


Electric supply 400 Volts 3 phase  50 cycle
Amp. load 6 amp
Air pressure required 5 bars
Normal air pressure 2,5 –3 bars
Blade speed 10 m/min
Blade width 50-300 mm
Blade thickness 0,8- 2,0 mm
Blade length 5800-14000 mm
Net weight of the machine 600 kg


Adress: 440122, Satu Mare, Aurel Vlaicu 102-106, Romania
Phone: +40-261-711511


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