Iseli Type bc 325

CNC-controlled 4 axes sharpening machine for stellite- or carbide tipped band saw blade

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By means of the 4th CNC-axis, the raker- and finishing teeth with continuous control of the tooth height difference and 45° chamfering can be sharpened the same passage.


Tooth pitch 10 - 100
Tooth shape all common
Front face rake angle 0 - 35°
Clearance angle 0 - 30°
Tooth face only straigt grinding
Bevel grinding tooth back 0 - 25 °
Tooth height difference continious 0 - 1,0 mm
Chamfering 0 - 45 °
Grinding-wheel diameter 200 - 250 mm
Bore diameter 32 mm

Important features:

- The new generation for sharpening of band saw blades with swaged, stellite-tipped or carbide-tipped teeth
- Grinding-mist exhaust fully integrated in basic machine
- The complete sequence of sharpening operations can be programmed by 4 CNC axis
- Step motors activate each movement of feed and grindnig-head, which guarantees the maximum of accuracy
- Operation of the machine by use of a touch screen monitor
- The advanced saw tooth can be finish-ground in one or several passes
- Possibility of sharpening individually the complete tooth shape or the tooth face and the tooth back
- Minimum wear of grinding wheels and much reduced grinding times
- The grinding-wheel peripheral speed can be adjusted by frequency converter

Possible sharpening programs:
- Tooth face: Straight
- Tooth back: Straight, Alternate bevel grinding
- Tooth face and back: top and face 
- All profile


Adress: 440122, Satu Mare, Aurel Vlaicu 102-106, Romania
Phone: +40-261-711511


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