Iseli type AS 2

Automatic circular saw blade sharpening machine AS2 Standard

ut circular2

A machine of extremely robust design, embodying state of the art technology, suitable for sharpening standardtype CV circular saw blades or special types such as stellite tipped and carbide circular saw blades.


Grinding motor 0,75 kW
Drive motor 0,25 kW
Compressed air supply 6 bars
Machine for dry grinding: Circular saws 250-1200 mm
Machine for wet grinding: Circular saws 250-1200 mm
Bore diameter 22-210 mm
Pitch 15-100 mm
Tooth height Max.40 mm
Grinding wheel diameter 175-250 mm
Front face rake angle 10-30º
Clearance angle tooth back 10-20º
Bevel grinding tooth face 8-15º
Bevel grinding tooth back 0-8º

• Complete mechanism with tempered shafts and ball bush bearings
• Grinding head with tempered shafts and ball bush bearings
• Feed speed regulator with frequency converter, 4 speeds programmable selectively for the complete tooth shape
• Spindle heigth adjustment for saw blade diameter
• Pneumatically operated two-pressure blade clamping
• Centering device with cone for circular saws, bores from 22 to 50 mm
• Automatic down-feed of the grinding-wheel
• Tempered centering bolts 14 and 20 mm of diameter
• Feed catch and double catch
• 5 tooth shape cams on choice


Adress: 440122, Satu Mare, Aurel Vlaicu 102-106, Romania
Phone: +40-261-711511


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