Iseli Type EBW-V

The machine for side grinding of log band saw blades, circular saw blades and gang saw blades. 


  • A machine of extremely stable construction, embodying state o the art technology.
  • The machine for side grinding log band saw blades, circular saw blades and gang saw blades.
  • Mechanic control.
  • Feed speed by 2-step motor.
  • If requested, variable feed speed adjustment by frequency converter (10 to 30 teeth/minute).
  • Greatly reduced grinding times. Smoother wet ground surfaces.
  • Less wear of the grinding-wheel.
  • Application of CBN Grinding-wheels (Borazon).


  • Pneumatic blade glamping.
  • Constant tooth position for all kinds of saw blades reducing machine adjustment time.
  • Elimination of linear guide slides: virtually no maintenance demands.
  • Integrated grinding spindle height adjustment from the front of the machine.
  • Rely on ISELI for precision made quality machines from Switzerland.


Voltage supply 400 V
Load feed line amperage rating 6 A
Two grinding motors 0,75 kW
Driving motors 0,25 kW
cooling pump 0,12 kW
Tooth shape all common shapes
Tooth pitch 15 - 100 mm
Front face rake angle range 0° - 35°
Clearance angle range 0° - 20°
Flank clearance angle range face 0° - 7°
Flank clearance angle range back 0° - 7°
Working speed 12 tooth/minut or 24 tooth/min
Grinding wheel diameter 100 mm
Bore diameter 20 mm
Grinding spindle speed 6000 rot-min
Blade length from 6000 mm
Blade width from 50 mm - 350 mm
Blade thickness from 0,8 mm
Circular saw blade diameter from 180 mm - 800 mm
Blade diameter range (Special order) from 1300 mm
Blade thickness range: up to 6 mm
Bore diameter from 22 mm - 210 mm
Gang saw blades length from 1300 mm
Gang saw blades width from 75 mm - 180 mm
Gang saw blades thickness from 0,8 mm


Adress: 440122, Satu Mare, Aurel Vlaicu 102-106, Romania
Phone: +40-261-711511


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