Iseli Type EM 2

Side grinding machine for stellite-tipped and swaged saw blades. 



  • suitable for application of Borazon grinding-wheels
  • powerfull water cooling system
  • integrated spindle height adjustment, incl. multi-function indicator

Hydraulic control system for

  • feed
  • pawl lifting
  • blade clamp
  • adjustable immersion speed of grinding wheel


Voltage supply  380 V
Load feed line amperage rating 6 A
Two grinding motors 0,75 kW
Hydraulic engine 0,37 kW
Working pressure 70 bars
Tooth shape all common shapes
Tooth pitch 15 - 125 mm
Front face rake angle range: 0° la 35°
Clearance angle range: 0° la 20°
Flank clearance angle range Face 0° la 7°
Flank clearance angle range Back 0° la 7°
Working speed 10 tooth/minut or 24 tooth/min
Grinding wheel diameter 100 mm
Bore diameter 20 mm
Grinding spindle speed 6000 rot-min
Hydraulic oil 5,5 Engler la 50°C 50 litre
Blade length from 6000 mm
Blade width from 50 mm - 350 mm
Blade thickness from 0,8 mm
Circular saw diameter from 180 mm - 800 mm
Blade diameter range (Special order) from la 1300 mm
Blade thickness up to la 6 mm
Circular bore diameter  from 22 mm - 210 mm
Gang saw blade length up to 1300 mm
Gang saw blade width from 75 mm - 180 mm
Gand saw blade thickness from 0,8 mm


Adress: 440122, Satu Mare, Aurel Vlaicu 102-106, Romania
Phone: +40-261-711511


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