Iseli Type SAA

Well proven stellite tipping system with excellent reputation.

The stellite is welded on the saw by resistance welding method. The structural condition of the stellite does not change during welding. Cracks and holes in the stellite are thus avoided. The stellite is welded vertically and the tip size can be adjusted in length from 4 mm to 10 mm.

Stellite is picked-up from the magazine (5 rods 1000 mm in lenght each) and is then cut off by a cutting off wheel. Pre-shaped (square) stellite from 2,5 to 6,5 mm and round stellite from 3,2 to 6,4 mm dia can be used. No need for elaborate saw preparation and grinding of the saw tip before tipping. New tips can be directly welded onto existing tips.

Further qualities

  • Easy adjustments allow band, circular and gang saw blades to be tipped on the same machine.
  • Tipping and high frequency annealing of the band saw blades is carried out automatically in one process.
  • The machine is equipped with easy to use programmable control unit eliminating the need of expert operation.

Options (on request)

  • Carrousel centrally adjustable in height for left and right-running band saw blades. 
  • Single stands for heavy band saw blades.
  • Additional supports for double toothed band saw blades. 
  • Equipment for circular saw blades with centering devices for bores diametre from 22 to 210 mm.
  • Equipment for gang saw blades for widths from 80 to 200 mm. 
  • Equipment for very small (mini) gang saw blades with special programme.


Adress: 440122, Satu Mare, Aurel Vlaicu 102-106, Romania
Phone: +40-261-711511


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