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  • What is MetaGo?

    MetaGO is a subscription that provides you with a fixed number of bandsaw blades per week / month, ready for cutting, with which you can carry out your activities, without having to buy them, paying a fixed amount regularly.



    When choosing the MetaGo subscription for wide bandsaw blades:

    • you can be 100% sure that your production line will never stop due to the lack of bandsaw blades
    • you will have fixed costs, without any surprises related to the repair and renewal of saw blades
    • you will save money when it comes to the maintenance and upkeep of the sharpening workshop (equipment, consumables, spare parts, employees)


    More and more timber factory owners are complaining about:

    • the difficulty in finding, training and retaining qualified staff for the sharpening of bandsaw blades
    • the risk of stopping the entire manufacturing process in the event of an unforeseen situation (sharpening machine failure, lack of a long-term staff needed for the sharpening activities)
    • the difficulty in increasing productivity, high costs


    What do our customers say about us?

    "The most appropriate words to describe Metamob are: seriousness, professionalism and the ability to collaborate.. Having a long history together, we know the quality of Metamob products and the way in which they come into our possession, as well as the understanding shown by the staff. "

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    What does the MetaGosubscription include?

    • Provision of the necessary blade
    • Complete maintenance of ready-to-cut blades:
      • Checking and cleaning
      • Crack welding (if applicable)
      • Tensioning and levelling
      • Sharpening
      • Stellite tip reconditioning (if applicable)
    • 2 boxes for the safe transportation of the blades
    • The return transport of the bandsaw blades

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    What are the stages of the collaboration?

    Fill in the data request form

    In 24 hours we will contact you to find out the details necessary in order to start the collaboration

    1. Clarification of technical data, characteristics of the equipment and working conditions

    In order to offer you the most profitable option with an impact on the entire production line, we want to find out in detail your expectations and general working conditions. The initial financial and commercial offer will be communicated after our technicians analyze the data obtained. If the offer is accepted, we move on to the next step.

    2. Testing a set of bandsaw blades

    Based on the information obtained, a set of test blades will be produced. These will be delivered to your company's headquarters in order to test them in real conditions. The screening is designed to provide important information, based on which we can make adjustments, if necessary, so that the final blades are 100% compatible with the requirements and working conditions.

    3. Establishing the conditions of the subscription and signing the contract*

    We wil communicate our offer (commercial, technical, financial), and you will get to choose the right subscription. This step will be followed by signing the contract.
    After the first payment of the subscription (for a minimum of 3 months), our collaboration can begin.

    4. Production and delivery of the blades

    After receiving the first payment, we start the manufacture of the established blades, depending on the terms previously discussed. Then, the blades will be delivered to your headquarters.

    5. Carefree log cutting

    From now on, the benefits of the MetaGo subscription will save you the hassle of maintaining the sails, and now you can focus on your core business.



    Garantia MetaGO

    We guarantee that the contracted blades will be at your disposal, according to the agreement. We undertake to pay a penalty of 5% / day, from the value of the subscription for one month, in case the delivery of the bandsaw blades would be delayed.


    Frequent questions: / Q&A:

    What happens if I don't get to use all the blades?
    *The blades are carried over from one month to another

    What happens if I interrupt my activity (I go on vacation, the factory undergoes a technical overhaul, etc.) for a longer period?
    *It is possible to suspend the subscription for a period of one month



    Hurry up! Only the first 3 subscribers will receive the following services free of charge:

    2 technical assistances, the first for one for choosing the right saw blades, at the beginning of the contract, and the second one meant to solve any technical problems that may arise during the collaboration (300 EUR x 2 pcs = 600 EUR + transport fee)

    Training (correct use of saw blades upon the receiving of the first blades) in the amount of: 400 EUR

    Green line (a professional with technical knowledge is available from Monday to Friday to answer questions) 250 EUR / year

    Fly-wheel correction, after 5,000 hours of usege from the beginning of the subscription, for 2-year contracts, up to EUR 3,000


    The offer is limited.
    Contact us now and become one of our satisfied VIP customers.

    Hotline MetaGO: +40-261-711 511


    If you haven't tried our blades before, now is your chance to do it for FREE! Fill in the technical data form NOW and you will receive a FREE blade.



  • Metago - the future of bandsaw blades

  • MetaGo - die Zukunft der Sägeblätter

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