Iseli Type GS1

Automatic sharpening machine for gang saw blades.

panza gater1


•   Hydropneumatic return stroke of saw carriage
•   Pneumatic saw blade clamping
•   Feed speed regulator with frequency converter
•   4 grinding speeds selectively programmable for the complete tooth shape
•   Precision linear guide for saw carriage
•   Precision spindle height adjustment for saw blade width
•   Automatic down feed of the grinding-wheel
•   Fully closed protection hood with powerful water-cooling
•   Grinding mist exhaust with cooling agent recycling
•   Grinding-wheel flange
•   Corundum grinding-wheel D. 300 / 10 x 32 mm
•   1 Set of tools
•   1 Rack with 1 tooth pitch on choice
•   1 Tooth pitch cam on choice
•   1 Tooth shape cam on choice
•   Grinding head guide with ball bush bearings
•   Electric equipment according to Standards IEC 204-1


Cím: 440122, Szatmárnémeti, Aurel Vlaicu utca 102-106. szám, Szatmár megye
Telefon: +40-261-711511


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