Sharpening Machines for Circular Saw Blades

Iseli Tip bk 2

ut circular1

CNC controlled Sharpening machine for circular saw blades.

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Circular saws blade diameter: 180 to 1100 mm
Blade thickness: up to 10 mm
Bore diameter: 22 to 210 mm
Tooth face angle: 0° to plus 30°
Grinding-wheel diameter:        200 to 250 mm
Bore diameter: 32 mm

Iseli Tip AS 2

ut circular2Automatic circular saw blade sharpening machine AS2 Standard

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•  Complete mechanism with tempered shafts and ball bush bearings
•   Grinding head with tempered shafts and ball bush bearings
•   Spindle heigth adjustment for saw blade diameter
•   Pneumatically operated two-pressure blade clamping
•   Centering device with cone for circular saws, bores from 22 to 50 mm1



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