Winter cutting

Winter cutting is about optimally preparing the logs before cutting and choosing the right tooth shape. Here are some tricks and tips for you.

Due to the fact that during winter time the logs are frozen, sawdust elimination is more difficult because the sawdust sticks to the side and cutting surfaces of the tooth. This makes the cutting process more difficult and causes the blade to deviate. In this case it is recommended to use a PVI tooth shape, which helps break down and more efficiently eliminate sawdust. More information about various tooth shapes can be found here.

On the other hand, during the cold season when temperatures drop, the mechanical properties of the materials worsen. To be precise, there is an increased fragility of the steel, which increases the frequency of crack appearances. Therefore, it is recommended to use high quality materials (such as the Metapremium steel band) even though this requires a bigger initial investment.profil pvi blog small

Another element that helps improve the process of cutting frozen logs is modifying the tooth geometry, which consists in:
Decreasing the hook angle by approx. 4
Avoiding very small radiuses inside the gullet
Decreasing the tooth height to avoid their breaking

During winter time, it is also recommended to use a smaller kerf value in order to lower the sawdust quantity and ease the cutting process.
In order for the cutting to take place in the best conditions and to give the blades a long-term protection, it is absolutely necessary to correctly prepare the logs before cutting, by debarking. If this is not possible, it is recommended to at least use a pre-cutter or wash off any dirt.
Since the hardness of the frozen log is higher, the tooth has the tendency of dulling quicker, which is why more frequent re-sharpenings are recommended to keep the cutting edges sharp.
Therefore, optimally preparing the logs before cutting, a tooth shape that is adequate to winter-time cutting and a proper blade maintenance are the elements that guarantee efficiency during the cold season.

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