Our company provides stelliting services both for new band saw blades and used blades with worn stellite layer.

Worn stellited blades can be reconditioned in the following cases:
- blades show no cracking
- blade width exceeds 70% of the fly-wheel width.

Stelliting can significantly increase the durability of the blade due to the higher wear resistance of the stellite alloy. This is evident particulary when cutting hard wood and soft wood such as poplar, fir and pine.

We also perform stelliting for band saw blades with W22 pitch for mobile saws, applying it on demand on each or every second tooth.

Band saw blades with stellited teeth ensure smoother cutting surfaces and significantly higher life time durations. It is vital however for the blades to be sharpened correctly, preferably on sharpening machines with air cooling system.

For a maximum use of stellite properties the base steel material of the band saw blade must be properly levelled and tensioned to ensure a longest, uninterrupted cutting.



Stellite is a cobalt based alloy designed for wear resistance. Depending on the alloy composition there are many different brands of stellite, with various mechanical properties. For cutting wood, stellite brand no.12 has proven to be the best solution.

Stellite no. 12 consists of:

  • 52% cobalt,
  • 30% cromium,
  • 9% tungsten,
  • 1,8% carbon, with a hardness of 47-51 HRC.

Although stellite has a reduced hardness, stellite no.12 is not too fragile, has a very high wear resistance and can be polished without problems. In some cases there is another no.1 very hard stellite brand with a high silicon content, that is preferred for cutting certain types of exotic wood from Africa and south-east Asia.



Stelliting of band saw blades is performed in our company manually or on automatic stelliting machines.

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