Frame saw blades

Frame saw blades are cutting tools used for longitudinal processing of logs in vertical and horizontal saw mills.

l – Width L – Length g – Thickness p – Pitch a – Plate width

The most commonly used frame saw blades are rectangular or trapezoidal in shape, with teeth disposed on one or both sides. In the case of vertical saw mills, the mounting of the blades is done in frames, according to the established cutting pattern.
The position of the blades in the frame is inclined from the vertical in order to avoid friction between the bottom of the cut and the flank surfaces of the teeth during the lifting stroke.

Frame saw blades are manufactured by Metamob SRL according to the customer’s order and can be classified according to the following criteria:

  1. clamping plates use:
    • Without clamping plates, for frame saws with fixed holders
    • With clamping plates, for frame saws with mobile holders
  2. setting:
    • Spring set and sharpened
    • Stellite-tipped
    • Unset and unsharpened

Available dimensions and steel info

Length Width Thickness Steel
1000 mm – up to 2000 mm 140 2,0
1000 mm – up to 2000 mm 160 2,0


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