Variable pitch band saw blades for cutting logs

These bandsaw blades are manufactured with a periodically varying pitch and can be two types: with varible pitch and constant height and with proportional variable pitch (the teeth height varies proportionally to the pitch). The first type blades have been used especially in the past when CNC controlled sharpening machines where not available yet. The two types of blades can be seen in the picture below.

Pas variabilPas variabil

Generally at METAMOB, we manufacture stellite tipped bandsaw blades with proportional variable pitch. The design of the blades is done after a detailed analysis of the specific working conditions for every

The bandsaw blades with proportional variable pitch have the following advantages:

  • Better final surface quality – due to lower vibrations and more efficient sawdust removal
  • Higher productivity – these blades allow higher cutting feeds
  • Longer working period between two consecutive sharpenings
  • Reduced cracking occurrence – due to lower vibrations
  • These blades provide better working conditions during the winter, being more efficeient for cutting frozen wood than those with constant teeth
  • In the long term the total purchasing costs are reduced, due to a lower number of required blades. It has been experimentally proven that compared with classical blades, the life period of blades with proportional variable pitch is much longer. The rare failure cases are rather caused by certain cutting accidents, not by cracking occurrence.

The main disadvantage in the use of these blades is given by the fact that their sharpening can only be done on CNC controlled sharpening machines. Nevertheless, compared to regular blades their price is a little bit higher.

The bandsaw blades for cutting logs with proportional variable pitch can be ordered with lengths ranging from 35 to 360 mm regardless of thickness or material type.


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