Welding wire

The welding wire comes with a 0,80 mm diameter being delivered in 15 kg coils.
Full copper plated welding wire for gas protection welding.
Is used under an Ar/CO2, Ar/CO2/O2 or CO2 gas protection shield.
Recommended for the DC welding of unalloyed or low alloyed steels.

sarma sudura

Available dimensions

Product code Product name Dimension
AC023795 Welding wire OK 12.56-0.8info Ø 0,8 mm



Temperature indicator pen

The indicator is used to determine the annealing temperature after welding. It has a green colour at room temperature that turns into white at 600°C.

creta termica

Available type

Product code Product name Temperature
AC024156 info 600 °C

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