Fly-wheel correction

What is fly-wheel correction?
This is an operation by which fly-wheel surfaces are adjusted to their optimal geometrical parameters, to ensure a high cutting performance.

Why is it necessary?
Fly-wheel correction is necessary to increase stability during cutting and prevent deformation or cracking of the band saw blades, as well as irregular cuts.

When is it necessary?
It is recommended to be done after around 5000 working hours (approx. 12 months for a work program organized in 3 shifts).

How to decide that correction is necessary?
When saw blades crack or break in the tooth gullet area, deform very quickly, slip on the wheels, or produce uneven cuts and these problems cannot be eliminated by a proper setting of the wheels or blade maintenance operations.
If you desire a safer diagnostic, call Metamob Technical Support to determine if your band saw blade requires a correction or to solve problems occurred in production.

How much time does it take?
Fly-wheel correction is performed without dismounting them from the machine and generally takes 24 hours depending on the wear of the wheels.

Who performs it?
We perform fly-wheel correction in collaboration with a specialized company, that works with specialists with experience. Correction is done without dismounting wheels from the machine in ordr to reduce out time as much as possible. Adiitional settings regarding guides and wheels position are done after correction to ensure a proper functioning of the blade. Sawdust exhausting devices are repaired and set, parallelism between carriage and blade is checked. The main purpose of our service package is to minimize the cracking risk of your blades.


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