Fly-wheel cork

This is a cork band composed from minced cork particles hold together by a compatible binder, reinforced on the back with a canvas insertion for a higher grip. The band is chosen acoording to the flying wheel width, being recommended for bandsaws used in carpentry and middle bandsaws for cutting logs. 

The cork band is attached to the wheel with Terostat-9220 adhesive.

pluta roti volante1pluta roti volante2

Available dimensions

Product code Product name Dimension
AC026314 info 40 mm
AC026317 info 50 mm
AC068664 info 60 mm
AC056471 info 70 mm



Adhesive terostat

This adhesive is recommended to apply cork band on the hoops of the flying-wheels mounted on bandsaws used in carpentry or middle bandsaws for cutting logs.
The flying-wheel surface must be free of grease or petroleum based solvents, cleaned and dried properly. The adhesive is applied directly from the tube using compressed air (max2-5 bar) or conventional manual guns.
The adhesive is composed from MS type polymers that solidify into plastics in contact with moisture.

Product code Product name
AC030718 info




Felt is a compact textile product, 100% made of wool, that comes with various densities (consistencies), thicknesses, lengths and widths. It is used in many various applications, such as: sealing, filtering, vibration attenuation, polishing. On circular saws it is used as a component of the lubrication device.



Product code Product name Dimension
ALT200802 info 1000*1000*10


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