Stellite-tipped band saw blades for cutting logs

Stellite-tipped band saw blades for cutting logs are those specific blades which are tipped on the top of their teeth using a very special cobalt-based alloy called stellite*. This alloy has a considerably higher wear resistance.

These blades are recommended in the following cases:

  • to increase the operating time between two sharpenings
  • to obtain a certain surface finish, a fine roughness of the timber
  • to cut hard wood
  • to get a low sawdust loss
  • to cut frozen wood

Stellite-tipped band saw blades for cutting logs are manufactured by METAMOB on

A stellite-tipped blade can be sharpened around 8 - 20 times, after which a new stellite-tipping is required. The number of sharpenings depends very much on the cutting conditions: whether the logs are cleaned prior to cutting or not, the number of operating hours between two sharpenings, etc.

Re-applying the stellite-tipping on used band saw blades is recommended when:

  • the body of the blade is in good condition
  • the width of the blade is higher than 70% of the initial width

*stelit – Deloro Stellit - registered mark.

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