Full maintenance of saw blades

Proper operating with band saw blades for cutting logs require special attention to blades preparation and their action during the cutting process.

We quite often notice:
- low cut efficiency
- unacceptable dimensional and cutting parallelism deviations
- premature cracking of the band saw blades
- inappropriate machine tool maintenance
- poor sharpening workshop endowment
- insufficient or improper workers training
- short time period between two sharpenings.

Considering all these facts our clients often choose to ask for our assistance in finding solutions for their problems.

- Sharpening workshop upgrading implies significant investments
- Finding qualified personnel able to perform proper maintenance and high precision sharpening of the blades is more and more difficult
- Nevertheless remuneration of highly trained workers is obviously more expensive.

All these above mentioned aspects are good reasons to outsource saw blades maintenance and sharpening services. Outsourcing these services means that:
- You don’t need an own well equipped sharpening workshop with all devices and machinery that such a place would require (sharpening machine, setting device, leveling and tensioning machine, welding devices, grinding wheels, and so on).
- You don’t have to look for highly skilled operators that would be able to work on these equipments; you don’t need all those tools required by such operators; you can thereby reduce expenses and increase profit.
- You can get safe, reliable and high quality professional services that ensure a proper surface and a higher durability.
- You can fully concentrate on production.
- All you need is a sufficient number of blades fully maintained and sharpened by Metamob.

In case you choose for a full maintenance of your band saw blades at Metamob company, we recommend you to choose stellited blades, their durability being higher. This way the number of the blades you need will significantly decrease. 

The band saw blades we recommend are special blades made of an especially designed steel with a much longer lifetime between two sharpenings compared to normal blades. These blades are designed with variable proportional pitch that require sharpening on CNC machine tools. This way the number of the required blades is considerably lower in comparison to other companies that currently work with similar bandsaws.

Blade requirement calculation (done by Metamob) is based on the following information:
- type and condition of the machine
- number of working shifts
- timber characteristics
- diameter of logs
- logs condition (peeled or not)
- cutting speed.


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