Setting pliers

This tool is used for the spring setting of saw blades. The setting is performed by bending the teeth at 1/3 to 1/2 from their height, after a perpendicular direction to the plane of the blade. During setting it is important to keep the same uniform set amount (the allowed deviation being of + 0,05 mm).

Small setting pliers have an 1,5 mm opening allowing their use for the setting of mobile and narrow band saw blades with a thickness of maximum 1,5 mm.

The larger version has a 2,5 mm opening, being used for the setting of band saw blades for cutting logs. The maximum thickness of these blades is of 2,5 mm.

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Available types

Product code Product name Type
AC000777 info Small (up to 1,5 mm)
AC000776 info Large (up to 2,5 mm)

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Setting device

The setting device is designed for the spring setting of band saw blades. The type of the setting can be “left - right - straight” (2+1) or “left - right - left - right”. This device can successfully replace the manual setting pliers. Its driving is also manual. A well set device can work for a long period ensuring a uniform setting amount, regardless of the human factor. An electrical engine can be easily adapted to the device for large-scale series production.

For operating the device there are also needed two supports, one for the device and the other one for the band saw blade.

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Available types

Product code Product name Type Max. width Max. pitch
ALT162400 Setting device - 45, SSM-404 VS info SSM-404 VS 45 25
ALT178350 Setting device SV-80 MN info SV-80 MN 80 35



Saw-setting comparison measuring device

The device measures the relative positions of two different parts, surfaces and can be used for the measuring of the set amount of band saw blades, for the setting of planer knives in working holders, an so on.

ceas comparator


Product code Product name
AC000774 info



Protractor measuring device

This device is used to verify sharpening, clearance and rake angles of band saw or circular blade sawteeth.



Product code Product name
AC015342 Protractor measuring deviceinfo



Molykote Paste

Molykote paste is a lubricant used to reduce friction between the swaging device eccentric and the front face of the swaged tooth. The paste comes in solid form as an olive green oily chalk, having a molybdenum disulfide based chemical composition. Before swaging all teeth tops are lubricated with this paste. The lubrication prolongs the working life of the eccentric.



Product code Product name
AC107398 info



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