Monometallic circular saw blades

The cutting of wood with circular saw blades is performed on fixed table/mobile table saws or saws with mechanical feed.
These blades have KV type teeth and are mainly used for the cutting (spiltting and edging) of timber.
Monometallic circular saw blades are manufactured from a special alloy steel with the following chemical composition:

C Mn Si Cr V P S
0,8-0,9 0,3-0,45 max0,35 0,4-0,7 0,15-0,5 max 0,03 max 0,02

The maximum cutting speed is conditioned by the precision of the system, machine rigidity and critical rotation speed. The working speed must be 80 % of the critical speed.

Table: The outer diameter of the flanges depend on the diameter of the blade

Blade diameter(in mm) Bore diameter(in mm) Flange diameter(in mm)
250-500 30 100
550-700 40 125
800 40 165


Circulare monometalice Circulare monometalice

 Available dimensions

Product code Product name Diameter Blade thickness Bore diameter Teeth number
MON057709 250*2,0 B30 Z64 FOR *info 250 2,0 30 64
MON003384 info 2,5 30 56
MON058764 300*2,0 B30 Z48 FOR *info 300 2,0 30 48
MON004030 info 550 3,0 40 56
MON003746 630*3,5 B40 Z56 FORinfo 630 3,5 40 56
MON003317 info 700 4,0 40 56


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