Band saw blades for mobile saws with heat treated teeth

Bandsaw blades with heat treated teeth for mobile saws are manufactured by Metamob SRL with a specific 58-61 HRC hardness for the top of the teeth. The depth of the harder layer reaches 0,2-0,3 mm, while the core and the body of the blade keep their initial structure remaining malleable. The fine structure of the edge ensures smooth cuts and a high durability. info

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In order to obtain this condition, the top of the tooth is heated up to its hardening temperature and then quickly cooled in air. The heat treatment is done with high frequency currents, by achieving in the conducting loop an equal and uniform heating of the top of the tooth. The rapid cooling occurs quickly in the surrounding environment and in the cool material of the body of the tooth. This is a simple operation that does not require a large amount of labour.


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