Planer knives

Planer knives are a group of plate shaped tools with plane cutting edge and a specific constructive design. 
These knives are special tools that have been designed for straightening, milling and planning wood operations, being mounted during their work on revolving shafts. The knives are chosen according to the dimensions of the rotating shafts and are manufactured only with a predesigned ß sharpening angle. The other (clearance and rake) angles are set during the mounting of the knives in the holders or in the revolving heads.

Planer knives are marketed in two qualities:

  • made of 35 mm wide tool alloy steel, recommended for planning soft wood essences.
Cutite rindeluitCutite rindeluit 
  • made of 30 mm wide 18 % wolfram enriched high-speed tool steel, recommended for planning hardwood (oak, beech) essences.
Cutite rindeluitcutite rindeluit4 

Available dimensions, HSS steel

Product code Product name Length Width Thickness
CR003385 info 400 30 3,0
CR003392 info 500 30 3,0
CR003386 info 600 30 3,0
CR024151 info 810 30 3,0
CR006881 info 1000 30 3,0

Available dimensions, DS steel

Product code Product name Length Width Thickness
CR069441 info 300 35 3,0
CR204262 info 400 35 3,0
CR003389 info 500 35 3,0
CR204263 info 600 35 3,0
CR024142 info 810 35 3,0
CR003391 info 1000 35 3,0


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