Environmental Policy

politica de mediu

Being aware of the importance of environment protection, in the sense of diminishing the negative impact upon the environment, the entire team of our company conducts its activity according to the following principles:

  • Efficient use of raw materials and energetic resources
  • Selective collection and making the best use under maximum security conditions of residual waste
  • Continuous improvement of the Environment Management System ISO 14001:2004
  • Training the personnel for the purpose to do their work while being responsible for the environment
  • Taking part in different social events intended to protect and improve the environmental conditions.

The wood is 100% natural and has been used by mankind for tens of thousands of years. It is an ecological product with numerous applications, ranging from construction, manufacture of furniture to the manufacture of various tools, toys or decorations.

An important characteristic of wood is that it can be reused at many of its stages. For example, the beams and boards of a building can be reused in a new building, if the condition of wood allows it. If not, it can produce thermal energy by burning.

The wood as raw material is obtained by cutting logs in timber mills using band saws or saw mills. The quantity of timber required is huge that is why large scale cutting down of forests is necessary. Uncontrolled cutting down of forests affects both the nature and society, causing landslip, flood, decreasing CO2 absorption capacity.  

Metamob recommends the processing of logs originating from forests where the forest management system was implemented and cutting and reforestation of trees are under control. Currently, an increasing number of companies wish that their products be made from wood originating from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) controlled and certified areas. This is an independent, nongovernmental and nonprofit organization set up in 1993 to promote responsible forest management in the forests from all over the world. By buying independently certified products made of wood you have the guarantee that the wood used for making such products comes from forests under sustainable management based on social, economic and ecologic criteria.  

Consequently, if the wood is correctly exploited it can become very ecological!


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