Narrow band saw blades

These blades are used in furniture shops, mounted on saws for cutting wood in semiprocessed elements. Narrow band saw blades are manufactured by Metamob SRL, being delivered from stock in coils of 50 meters, welded to the ordered size.


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l – Width L – Length g – Thickness p – Pitch

The dimensions of the bandsaw blades are chosen according to the machine features and their specific use conditions: splitting, off and out cutting.
The teeth of these blades are inclined and triangular in shape.
The cutting speed depends on the wood species to be cut. Values between 15 to 25 m/s are recommended.

The stretching tension for narrow band saw blades ranges between 3-5 daN/ mm2. When using blades to cut out parts on a contour, the operation must meet the following relation between the minimum radius of the cutting profile Rmin, the width of the blade B, and the set amount c.

Rmin= B²/ 8*c

These blades can be purchased in a ready-to-use condition, welded to specific dimensions, set and sharpened for the timber to be cut. For cutting hard wood species, chipboards or MDF panels, the top of the teeth can be heat treated on demand, for a higher durability of the edge.

Available dimensions and steel info

Width Thickness Profile and pitch Otel
MetSilver MetaBlade
8 0,5 NV5 ●   
0,6 NV5 ●  ● 
10 0,5 NV5  
0,6 NV6  
12 0,6 NV5 ● 
NV6 ● 
15 0,6 NV6    
0,7 NV6 ●   ●
NV8 ●   ●
20 0,6 NV6    ●
NV8    ●
0,7 NV8    ●
25 0,7 NV8  ●
30 0,7 NV10  ●
35 0,7 NV8  ●
NV10  ●
40 0,8 NV10  
0,9 NV10
50 0,9 NV12 ● 
NV15 ● 

Available profiles
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