Storage and handling of bandsaw blades

The way in which we store and manipulate the blades influences their lifespan directly..

With this article we are trying to educate our clients on the proper way to protect the teeth of the blades, to fasten them as well as on the safest manner, to store and handle them. Some of the ideas presented might already sound familiar to some of you, but for the novices of the industry they will be very useful.

So what should we do in order to protect the teeth of the saw blades?

For the protection of the teeth, while fastening and transporting them, we should follow the next steps:

  • Insert cardboard sheets between the blades
  • Apply protection stripes made of plastic on top of the teeth
  • Or apply protection wax over the teeth

The cardboard method being the cheapest one, offers only partial protection and if it is not removed in time, it may lead to corrosion, due to the absorption of humidity. Thus we have to pay more attention when choosing this option.

For enhanced safety Metamob recommends using the protection stripes made of plastic. This is not only the most efficient method, but it also offers more protection for the personnel involved in the handling. Another advantage being the fact that they can be reused. They are available in many colours, making it thus easier to organise them.

The main reason behind tying the blades is to save more space. Depending on their size, we could tie together up to 6 blades. It can be done in a simple manner using one knot or using two.
When doing so you should take into consideration the following special instructions: the welded section should be in the widest bending radius. The minimum bent area should not exceed 300-350 mm.
Tying can be made with plastic strings or with wire rods and it has to be secured enough in order to avoid any possible accidents.

The handling has to be made using protection gloves, preferably made of leather or other special materials, to avoid cutting incidents. (example of proper gloves)
Intern transportation is made according to the type of floor. If they are made of wood or rubber, the saw blades should be hauled (dragged) on the floor. And if not, they should be transported by lifting them or by using a mobile platform, in accordance with the current safety regulations in the workplace.

Storage has to be made in specially designed locations which ensure the protection against humidity and which are equipped with wooden floors and proper racks for storing saw blades.
It is crucial that when the blades arrive, to be untied and positioned on the wooden floor or on the racks, in order not to interfere with the levelling and the tensioning.
After being stored and tied for longer periods of time, it is recommended to check for any domed areas and to correct the levelling if needed.

In case you want to send us saw blades for maintenance services, you don’t have to apply protection stripes. A binder attached to the blades should be sufficient. Moreover you should avoid bending the blades too much, since this could lead to additional repair costs.

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