StelMet - a new method of plating the teeth

What is StelMet?

StelMet is a method of plating the teeth of the bandsaw blades

This alternative method is differentiated by its special shape and dimensions, which result in reduced friction between the tooth and wood during cutting. This not only increases the cutting time between two sharpenings, but also allows a higher cutting advance to be obtained and thus the cutting efficiency is much higher.

Also, due to the economic advantages it presents, StelMet could successfully replace the usual plating technique.


  • Significant increase in durability (20% -50%)
  • Higher cutting speed
  • Increased capacity
  • Lower price compared to the usual method

Maintenance recommendations:

During the sharpening process, less will be taken from the tooth chest than from the back of the it, in order to ensure increased durability

When ordering new bandsaw blades, if you want to opt for this plating method, please specify this (StelMet plating)


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