Metago - The future of bandsaw blades

Regardless of our profession, we all want to find solutions that make our work easier. If you think that this applies to you as well, MetaGo might be the ideal solution for you!
MetaGo is a subscription that simplifies the production process, saves you from unexpected surprises and offers a degree of security to your business.
For a fixed amount, we guarantee a fixed number of bandsaw blades weekly or monthly.

Why is MetaGo the right solution for your business?

One of the most common problems among timber company owners is selecting and maintaining qualified personnel, as well as the expensive training they need to undergo in order to learn how to properly sharpen the blades.

Technical failures of the machines used for the maintenance of the blades are another important issue. This type of inconvenience can lead to serious delays or it can even stop the production process. Thus, to the cost of repairs of the machines we can also add the losses caused but the cut-off line, order delays and the impact it can have over the customer satisfaction

The MetaGo subscription is the solution! We will take care of the complete maintenance of the saw blades. Therefore, testing, cleaning, welding, tensioning and levelling, sharpening and stellite-tipping will no longer be a burden for timber companies.

5 easy steps:

The first step is to fill in technical form. We will contact you in less than 24 hours in order to create a personalized offer for you.
Then, we will produce a set of test blades, which will be delivered to your company's headquarters. Thus, the bandsaw blades will be tested in real conditions, and we will make sure that the final result is in line with your expectations.
The next step is to communicate the offer and choose the subscription according to your needs.
After the first payment we will start the production and we will deliver the blades at your headquarters as soon as possible.

By choosing this customized package, you will receive the required number of blades, weekly or monthly, directly at your doorstep. By opting for the MetaGo subscription, you can be sure that the annual budget allocated for the purchase and maintenance of bandsaw blades will remain unchanged.

MetaGo warranty

To all the benefits listed above, we add the MetaGo warranty, which will guarantee that your production line won’t stop due to the lack of blades. Thus, we undertake to pay 5% / day of the value of the subscription, for one month, in case the delivery gets delayed.

We also offer our support in case your business encounters any problems. If you find yourself obliged to interrupt the activity, we offer you the possibility to suspend the subscription for a month. In addition, unused blades can be reported from one month to the next.

If you want to have a higher degree of predictability on costs, and business stability is a priority for you, access this LINK to find out more details!

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