MetaForce - probably the best bandsaw blade in the world

What factors do you take into consideration before ordering new bandsaw blades? Do you follow the quality of a product or is the purchase criterion only the price? We offer you a product that meets the best features of quality, functionality and novelty. MetaForce bandsaw blades.
We thought about what type of bandsaw blades to offer our customers. Thus, together with those at the research and development department, we designed a new ribbon cloth, intended for cutting with high speeds and durability on high-performance machines. We did several tests with the bandsaw and chose the name MetaForce, for its amazing cutting power. Although the price is higher than the price of a normal bandsaw blade, the initial investment in the bandsaw blade is amortized very quickly.
How? Following various tests, it was demonstrated that the MetaForce blade cuts with a speed up to two times higher than a standard blade. It also increases the cutting time between two sharpenings.
These superior performances are obtained due to the optimal combination of several constructive elements, namely:
1. Special tooth profile due to its shape and dimensions
2. Winter profile applied to a bandsaw blade with variable pitch
2. Special tensioning of the LTC blade that ensures a long cutting time.
3. Bandsaw blade material: premium quality own brand steel band.
What wood cutting machines do we recommend to use?
It is recommended to choose these bandsaw blades for powerful and high-performance machines where the manufacturing flow allows higher capacity and on fully automated lines. The logs must be peeled before cutting and washed, or you can opt for a pre-cutter.
We offer you the testing of the first bandsaw blade ordered in the presence of Metamob specialists and the training of the operating staff, so that you can enjoy the benefits of this cloth.
It is important to respect the minimum recommended cutting speeds, so you will be able to get a higher yield from your machines with MetaForce blades. Of course, we deliver the bandsaw with instructions for use and storage, so that you always have the information at hand.
We recommend sharpening and tensioning the blades at Metamob, so you can eliminate the costs of maintaining the machines. And cracks are avoided due to the sharpening method.
Five reasons why to choose MetaForce bandsaw blades?
There are bandsaws suitable for any type of wood.
The profile of the tooth allows the use of the bandsaw in any season.
Emphasizes the machine's performance (higher timber cutting average than if another blade were used).
It ensures a superior cutting quality (straight cut, finer surface of the cut wood, and good removal of sawdust).
Increases the cutting time between two sharpenings (15 - 100%), depending on the application.
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