MetGold- the band saw blade destinated for mobile saws

Band saw blades for mobile sawmills are designed for medium sawmills used for canting wooden logs into planks and cutting small diameter logs into lumber.
Wood processing activities rely on precision, efficiency, and durability. The key to these? A high-quality blade.
We're excited to introduce MetGold from our range of products - a tool carefully designed to ensure optimal performance in the wood cutting process. The MetGold blade is specially created for mobile sawmills used in the cutting of logs and lumber, canting wooden logs into planks, as well as cutting small diameter logs into lumber.
Every feature of the MetGold blade is optimized to withstand the most demanding conditions, ensuring you'll be able to work efficiently and accurately regardless of the complexity of tasks.
One of the remarkable aspects of the MetGold blade is its flexibility. Its dimensions can adapt depending on the characteristics of your machine, ensuring you always have the right tool for your needs. The blade can have three types of profiles: W22, W22.2 or H25, and the tension applied to them is 6-8 daN/mm2. This level of adaptability not only improves compatibility with various machines but also enhances the overall performance of the blade.
Designed for Performance
The MetGold blade can be purchased at customer-requested dimensions, dressed and sharpened according to the type of wood you are going to cut. This level of preparation means you can start working immediately, saving valuable time. Moreover, upon request, the tips of the teeth can be stellited or heat-treated to ensure greater blade edge durability and superior performance.
Advantages of the MetGold Blade
With the MetGold blade, you will experience numerous benefits that will significantly improve the wood cutting process:
Excellent quality/price ratio: The performance and durability of the MetGold blade come at a competitive price, offering incredible value.
Increased durability: Thanks to heat treatment or stelliting of the teeth, the MetGold blade ensures a durable cutting edge that can withstand even the most demanding tasks.
Cutting stability
If you're looking for high-quality log cutting blades that can help you overcome the challenges of wood processing, Metamobis here to help. With our broad range of products, customization services, and technical support and guidance, we're committed to providing exceptional value to our customers.
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