Tensioning control ruler

The ruler is applied on the width of the band saw blade, the tensioning grade being given by the dimension of the gap between the blade and the ruler. Usually the tension is measured with a ruler by determining the size of the occurring lighted slit.

The slit occurs when the blade is lifted from the stand, its value being related to the blade dimension and the shapes of the fly-wheels surfaces.

Blade width (mm) Lighted slit size (mm)
100 0.3
150 0.6
200 0.9
250 1.4
300 1.7
400 2.7

The table shows the approximate recommended values in a certain number of cases. A blade that is properly tensioned must perfectly fit the wheel.

liniar special

Available dimensions

Product code Product name Length
AC057645 Tensioning control ruler 200 mminfo 200 mm
AC015340 Special tensioning control ruler 250 mminfo 250 mm



Back line checking ruler

The straightness of the saw blade back line is verified with 1500 mm long rulers. Its maximum deviation varies between 0,4 and 1500 mm. The purpose of the straightening is to lengthen the back edge of the blade to make it more stable during the cutting process.
It is the blade back edge curvature that makes the tension to concentrate on the teeth line when the blade is mounted on the saw. This fact gives the required rigidity and stability of the teeth line, allowing the blade to perform a straight cut.

liniar spate1

Available dimensions

Product code Product name Type
AC015346 Tension checking ruler 1500 mminfo L=1500 mm
AC055600 Tension checking ruler with comparison measurerinfo with comparison measurer



Tensioning hammer

This wedge shaped tool is used for the leveling of band saw blades.
Levelling is necessary and important for the removal of local surface defects. Deformed areas may take convex (domed) or concave (deepened) form.
The size of the deformations exceeds in most cases the blade set, producing friction between these areas and wood (on the sides of the cut), and hitting of the guides that can cause deviation of the blade on the fly-wheels. It is obvious that the removal of these deformation with the help of the tensioning hammer or specialized machine tools is more than necessary.  Levelling requires a lot of time and experience.


Available types

Product code Product name Type
AC000775 45 degrees, 1kg special levelling hammerinfo 45 degrees, 1,0 kg
AC092168 info Straight, 0,6 kg

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Tension controlling and measuring device

This specialized device measures the tensioning of the band saw blades.

tensiometru tensiometru2


Product code Product name
AC049795 Tensioning controlling and measuring device BACHOinfo

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