Band saw blades for cutting logs MetaForce


High performance blade, created for high speed and lasting cutting.

  • Tested quality
  • Maximum performance
  • High durability
  • Special LTC preparation
  • High speed cutting
  • All season
  • All types of wood


l – Width L – Length g – Thickness p – Pitch

Choosing these blades is recommended for powerful and performant machines where the production flow allows increasing the capacity, as well as for fully automated lines.


Higher performances are obtained due to the optimal combination of several constructive elements, namely:

  • special tooth profile due to its shape and dimensions, ensures easy removal of sawdust, which results in superior cutting quality (straight cutting and smoother surface)
  • repetitive sequences of teeth having the length of the step and the height of the variable tooth
  • special tensioning (using LTC technology) of the blade that increases the cutting time
  • steel strip with Ni content that improves the resilience of the blade.



  • offers a significant increase in cutting speed, up to 150%, compared to a standard blade, making cutting activity more efficient
  • longer usage life of up to 100% compared to a standard blade which leads to lower operating costs
  • highlights the performance of the machine
  • offers a significant increase of the cutting and at high cutting speeds ensuring straight cutting, smoother surface of the sawn wood and good sawdust removal.



Technical data and dimensions

width thickness Disponibility
Stellite-tipped Vario stellite-tipped
155,6 1,47
181 1,47
206,4 1,47
231,8 1,65
260,4 1,65

Note: we can offer any intermediary widths between ~ 150 and 260mm, the optimal width of the blade will be chosen according to the size of the customer's machine.



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