Inoveo finishes Metamob`s rebranding process

- October 2016 -


"Inoveo finishes the rebranding process for Metamob, main band saw blades producer in Romania, with national distribution and web and maintenance services for this products.
The rebranding process included analyse and audit, brand platform, brand arhitechture, visual identity and implementation. From the first two steps we extracted the brand platform on which we have built the visual identity. The visual identity is capturing the professionalism, precision and innovation, showing also the dynamic of both team and brand through a distinctive composition, modern but solid at the same time. The symbol was used in the construction of the brand through the entire product portfolio.
”Implementing the new visual identity increased our trust in the Metamob brand. After the rebranding, we’ve started entering new markets, initiating recently a collaboration with an American distributor, trough which we sale our own brands. The results of the rebranding process brought us recognition from all our collaborators, and this year we’ve attended many trades and international conferences in Europe”- states Tamas Benko, Marketing Manager at Metamob.
”We are glad to see that entrepreneurs from the heavy industry see in rebranding a solution in developing their brands. Metamob incorporates the ingredients of a successful brand that exports: visionary entrepreneur, impeccable product, a team that is ready to define the brand for the next 10 year, courses and trainings for the team inside and outside of the country, strategic partnerships.” - Dochita Zenoviev, Brand Innovator at Inoveo.
Metamob is in the market since 1997 and it splits it’s activity in 3 domains: production, services and sales. They are located in Satu Mare and they produce band saw blades for cutting logs, bandsaw blades for mobile saws, frame saw blades. Metamob team is client oriented, having a multi-dimensional offer and providing customized solutions for the specific application whishing to increase the activity of the clients.
Inoveo team developed over 200 branding and rebranding projects for local entrepreneurs. We work with entrepreneurs that believe in the importance of the brand for the image of their business."

Rebranding Metamob de Inoveo Stiri


Adress: 440122, Satu Mare, Aurel Vlaicu 102-106, Romania
Phone: +40-261-711511


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