• The success of a business depends on a great variety of factors. When we’re talking about cutting wood, our expertise is strictly related to working with bandsaws. 

  • Tensioning is one of the most important operations that ensure straight and long lasting cutting with the saw blades. Find out more about the correct execution of this operation here.

  • Napinanie jest jedną z najważniejszych operacji, które zapewniają proste i długotrwałe cięcie za pomocą pił. 

  • Naprężanie - jedna z podstawowych operacji dla dobrego funkcjonowania ostrzy.

  • Spannen und Richten -sind  grundlegende Operationen für eine gute Funktion der Bandsägeblätter.

  • Tensioning - one of the fundamental operations for a good functioning of the blades

  • The cutting edge of the teeth can be lost after a long use, especially if the bandsaw blade is not adequate to the type of wood being cut, or if dealing with a frozen log, un-debarked log or one with inclusions . For an easy cut, it is recommended that the logs are de-barked.

  • Winter cutting is about optimally preparing the logs before cutting and choosing the right tooth shape. Here are some tricks and tips for you.