Metamob-in the rebranding area

- Intarzia - April 2016 -

"Metamob products, have a new look from now on! The company went through a rebranding process and they launched in March 4 brands: MetaBlade, MetaPremium, MetaPrecission si MetGold. „ We restructured and put together the logos, so now everything is cohesive. We are optimistic about the rebranding and hope that this will benefit our clients.” Istvan Hutton, director of the company.
The 4 brands are not different just by price, they have been categorised by the types of machinery that they serve for, what are they used for, the clients expectations and what type of wood they cut.

Performance in cutting with universal blades
Standard bandsaw blades specially designed for cutting logs efficiently in high quality conditions.
ensure good productivity,
high durability – long cutting time because the material keeps it's tensioning and cutting edge for a longer period,
easy maintenance due to the materials good behaviour under the process of swaging and tensioning,
good quality/price ratio.

Performant cutting for high demands
Superior-quality bandsaw blades for high-quality cutting of logs in sawmill conditions.
ensures high productivity,
very high durability (longer cutting time between two sharpenings),
high resistance (due to it's high content of Ni, it has a higher resistance for repetitive bonding on the flywheel without cracking),
the bandsaw blade keeps well it's tensioning during the cutting,
lower sensibility to the technical condition of the sawing machine.

Guaranteed precision in cutting
Bandsaw blades designed for woodworking and timber factories in order to cut quality veneer and wood slides in a highly precise and efficient way.
ensures a very precise cutting with very small loss of material due to it's high precision technology used in the production method making it ideal for cutting valuable wood,
straight cutting with no fine cracks, guaranteed.

Bandsaw blades for mobile milling machines.
good quality/price ratio,
high durability,
stability in cutting.

”Starting with the new technology trends, every year there are various new products that appear on the market and as time passes by, you can purchase performant products at a lower price. We taught that we can apply this principles in our industry. In the latest years we have done an intense research in order to produce superior quality at an advantageous price. The research was a success and today we can display on the market our new brands, that have great quality at competitive prices.” said Istvan Hutton.
Now Metamob has a new visual identity. The cars were inscription, the new site was launched on 7th March and we are going to change any other visual element. „We have changed our logo, our image but more important are our new brands, because through them we want to increase client satisfaction. For us the rebranding process is a matter of good content” declared Tamas Benko, marketing director at Metamob
Metamob also decided to change its slogan. „Passion for bandsaw blades” shows better the way that de saw blades are produced at Metamob- with lots of passion."



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